When one would rather be helping the HVAC installation crew that dealing with a neighbor

She could see what Larry meant.

Winchester’s skin was ashen, his manicured gray hair disheveled enough to reveal a newly balding patch at the crown.

One side of his dress shirt hung out of his wrinkled trousers, and his bare ankles indicated he’d forgotten to put his socks back on before he’d shoved his feet into his formal black wingtips. He heaved himself from the couch and regarded her with his customary belligerence. Cate was in no mood to handle Winchester, so she left him to Larry. Larry gave her the stinky eye, but that was better than listening to what Winchester was about to say. They had called the cooling corporation the previous week to purchase new cooling equipment, and other than Winchester’s unwelcome visit, they were also expecting the HVAC contractor. Larry had been looking forward to the HVAC installation, and Winchester had temporarily dampened it. When Larry and Cate were in the market for a new heating and cooling system, they both favored the same concept regarding cooling technology. They both easily settled on the electric heat pump when they visited the local service provider. After that, they only made one last visit to the HVAC business to finalize a few things with the HVAC specialist. Just when Cate was about to leave the house, the HVAC technician and his team arrived. Cate made haste and showed them around; Larry, on the other hand, looked miserable as Winchester went on and on. By the end of the day, they had help with indoor comfort, and Winchester had left a much calmer man than he had arrived. Cate was impressed by the quality AC service. Their new climate control system was everything they had hoped it would be.

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