No heating is needed in the workout space

I am lucky to have a small lanai constructed across the back of my condo that is ideal for a workout area.

The floor is cement, the ceiling eight feet high plus the dimensions are plenty substantial for my simple needs.

The one exterior wall is built almost entirely of screens, which provides ample ventilation. For most of the year, the weather in the local part is moderate. I enjoy access to fresh air. I have a attractive view of the gardens plus lake at the back of the property. I’ve outfitted my little cabin gym with a yoga mat, incline bench, mini trampoline, set of free weights, jumping rope plus battle ropes. I have everything I need to target all of my weird muscles, elevate my heart rate plus whip up a sweat. I focus on stamina, flexibility, balance, strength training plus calorie burn. I often spend an hour per day on my fitness routine. My only complaint with the space is the lack of temperature control. Because of the screen wall, there is no way to incorporate heating or cooling into the lanai. There are a few weeks in the middle of winter season when the outside temperature drops into the forties. I wait until the early afternoon to workout, hoping to take advantage of the highest temperature. I have to dress in layers plus I run a space heater. It still is quite impossible to sufficiently warm up my muscles. It’s strenuous to get motivated plus I worry about permanent injury. There are also a couple of months when the heat plus humidity of Summer are insane. I exercise as early in the day as possible, hoping to avoid the heat of the afternoon. I run a large electric fan at the highest speed plus kneel directly in front of it plus yet am still dripping sweat before I complete my warmup.


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