Austin and Clara work for a commercial roofing company

And this has improved their experiences and expertise in the industry.

Austin and Clara are best friends, and even their kids and spouses are quite close. They first met on the job many years ago when they were both hired by a commercial roofing company. This was Austin’s first job, but Clara had worked for another roofing company before getting this job. Austin had seen a few girls in his class at the trade school, but this was the first time to see a girl working as a roofer. And Clara is one of the best roofing specialists at the commercial roofing company. Before that, she had only done residential work such as tile roofing installation and shingle roofing replacement. However, she felt she wanted more commercial experience and opted to apply for the position at the commercial roofing company. They take on huge projects installing, repairing and doing maintenance for commercial buildings. Austin recalls their first assignment was to a crew that was doing commercial roofing installation for a 15 story building. They were both trying their best not to show fear, but it was one of the most trying times of their careers as roofing contractors. Still, they are glad they stuck around and now enjoy thriving careers as commercial roofing experts. They’ve been part of crews that did commercial roofing maintenance and repair for the longest time. And this has improved their experiences and expertise in the industry. Recently, Clara began talking about starting her own company to work with smaller businesses and offer competitive prices. Austin mentioned he’d join her if she went ahead with the idea. But, they both have to speak with their spouses before taking this leap.

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