Finally got rid of bees in my lawn

It took forever to get rid of the bees in my backyard, I was absolutely start to think I might be stuck with them! That’s how bad it was! I have had all kinds of insects in my yard, however bumble bees, honey bees, wasps, yellow jackets and even hornets.

I’m not certainly a fan of any of them! The honey bees and bumble bees mainly do their own thing, and so I don’t mind them.

I usually will have some kind of honey bee rescue place come to remove them and bring them to a honey farm, then as for the wasps and yellow jackets, I usually have an exterminator come out for them. The wasp exterminator removes all of them 3-4 times a year for me. Their population grows certainly fast, and that is why I am regularly getting the same exterminator coming out to my site. I certainly like the local exterminator, because they offer honey bee rescue as well, and so I usually just get all of them taken care of at the same time. I wanted to have all of the bees removed though, because it was getting to the point where they were getting inside of my house! So for the fourth time this year, I had a residential bee removal company come and remove all of them. It has been numerous nights, and I haven’t seen a single bee in my home, which is nice, however hopefully that will keep their numbers down for a little while, and supply me peace.


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