I hired a locally owned heating and cooling company to repair my cooling system this year.

I hired a heating and cooling corporation that has been a family owned and operated company for over 48 years, and they told me that they are proud to carry a complete line of quality cooling system products including high efficiency cooling system units, and i told them that I wanted to get a modern cooling system unit put into my household before the summer time this year, and they told me that they could install one for me however that they could also just do a complete cooling system tune up for me on my old unit, however apparently, my old unit has some more life left in it.

At least that’s how they seemed to feel about it. That’s how the HVAC professional explained it to me, anyway, but he said that he would be cheerful to provide me a modern cooling system unit, however if I wanted to save some money he would just suggest that my nice friend and I do their tune up special this year, then right now, they are offering a central cooling system tune up special for only $77. This cooling preventative repair safety check includes things like checking the refrigerant, leak testing the cooling system unit, checking and increasing the fan belt, checking the bearings, aligning the pulleys, lubricating the motor, checking the air filter, checking the condenser, and checking the drain. They also said that they would check the operation of our temperature control just to make sure that it’s running always too. I have to say that I thought this was a pretty nice deal and I was also impressed that they did not just try to upsell me on a modern cooling system unit when I don’t undoubtedly really need it.

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