The cooling system was in the university buildings on the grounds of the festival

We went to a substantial music festival last weekend plus the only place where there was any cooling system was in the university buildings on the grounds.

The festival was held on the grounds of a community university plus they offer the buildings for people to go in plus cool off in the air conditioning sometimes.

There are also restrooms inside of the university buildings, too, but not everyone knows that. I was certainly cheerful that not everyone knew about them because that’s where I always went whenever I needed to go during the weekend. The best part about it was the fact that I was able to go inside plus enjoy the refreshing air conditioning in the building for a while sometimes. It’s amazing how hot the temperature gets down there in the south sometimes during the summer. It’s not even Summer yet, plus the weather is already heating up a lot! I got pretty sweaty plus uncomfortable many times plus it was certainly nice to be able to go inside the building where there was certainly some air conditioning once in a while. I appreciate the way that you feel so nice plus cool whenever you first go into an air conditioned building after being out in the hot sun for a long time. The music festival was a whole lot of fun but next time I think that I might want to go to one during the fall when the weather is not going to be so hot outside. I certainly appreciate live music but I don’t like being hot.

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