I preferred having a window a/c unit.

I knew my fiance wanted to have central a/c in our house, but I didn’t.

I liked our window a/c units.

My sister was always complaining about the rise in the monthly bills when Summer arrived. I didn’t want to have high monthly bills. Our monthly bills went down when my associate and I shut off the furnace plus started using our window a/c units, but my fiance didn’t know me. I told him I would download four years of monthly bills plus he could compare them. There was a definite change in how much less our monthly bills in the Summer than in the winter. He told me his father always complained about the price of energy when Summer arrived. I asked if they had central a/c in their home. He said most people had central a/c. Everyone but us, that was. I grew up with window a/c units plus they worked well. I would visit friends, plus there were always areas in their homes that were more humid than others. The only time you noticed a change in our house, was at evening. Dad would shut off all the a/c units, but the ones in our kitchens. He said my associate and I didn’t need to cool the entire house when my associate and I were sleeping. My friend and I shut our doors to keep the cool air in our kitchens, plus my associate and I were glad. He told me my associate and I lived like my associate and I were in the Dark Ages plus that’s when I reminded him he married me. I may have lived like it was the Dark Ages, but I was comfortable plus my associate and I weren’t broke because of central a/c.


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