Explain the difference between a heat pump and a mini split.

My husband will sit and talk to me while I am working.

I work from home and had been working from home for almost ten years.

Ever since he retired from the military, he has been coming into my office and talking to me when I am working. Most of the time I can give him one or two-word answers and he is satisfied. I think it is just knowing that I am there that makes him happy. Last week I was partially listening, and he started talking about heat pumps and mini splits. I knew what they were, but I was wondering why he knew. He was never interested in HVAC systems. I knew about them because my dad was an HVAC technician. I stopped what I was doing and asked him why he was interested in ductless HVAC systems. He said he wanted me to explain the difference between a heat pump and a mini split. I told him there wasn’t any difference, but if he wanted exact differences, he could talk to my dad. He said he would rather talk to me, but if I was too busy to talk to him, he would call dad. I told him it wasn’t I was too busy for him, but he could get more information from my dad. Dad had been working with ductless HVAC systems for years. He kissed me on top of the head and left. Two hours later, I heard my husband and my dad outside my office window. They were measuring up for a ductless HVAC system for the house. He didn’t want to disturb me, so they didn’t consult me about having the ductless HVAC system installed. I smiled and went back to work.
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