The supply vent had mice in it

In a world of humans and machines, there was a heating and air conditioning plan that needed fixing.

  • But who would come to the rescue? A dashing heating and air conditioning professional named Martha, that is who! Martha had seen her fair share of heating and air conditioning hijinks in her day, but this one took the cake.

The plan was on the fritz, and it was making the place feel like a sauna. Martha knew she had to act fast, or the employees would be covered in sweat like sand in the desert. First, she inspected the control unit. Nope, that wasn’t the problem. Then, she peeked inside the ductworks. Hmm, nothing seemed out of locale there either. Just when she was about to give up, she heard a strange noise coming from the supply vent. She opened it up, as well as what did she find? A family of mice watching motion pictures on a tiny screen! Martha knew she had to act fast. She shooed the mice away and got to work on the heating and air conditioning system. She tinkered and toiled, changing this and tightening that until finally, the plan sprang to life. The employees cheered, and Martha basked in the glory of a job well done. From that day forward, Martha was known as the hero of the heating and air conditioning system. She went on to repair multiple more systems, and she never forgot the hijinks of that fateful day. So if you ever find yourself in a sticky heating and air conditioning situation, just remember Martha and her fearless spirit. She’ll consistently have your back, even if there are mice watching motion pictures in your ductworks!


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