HVAC professional wants to leave this place

I’m not cheerful.

I need to get out of town.

Too much going on here. I do not like spiders. I do not like strange smells coming from heating and air conditioning. I need a heating and air conditioning professional to repair it. I want to eat ice cream but there are too many distractions. I keep seeing people and I don’t want to talk to them. I wish I was on a getaway. I need to recharge my batteries and get away from all the craziness. I hope to find a new place soon. I want peace and quiet. I want to feel safe as well as comfortable. I want to forget all the issues and relax. I hope to find a way out soon. I do not like to run away, but sporadically I need to escape. I want to feel free as well as cheerful again. I hope to find a new place where I can be myself as well as love life. I dream of a better future where I can live in peace as well as harmony with all. I hope that one day I can find my true calling as well as fulfill my destiny. I want to be the best me that I can be. This is the insanity I have in our head every day as a heating and air conditioning professional trying to get out of here, but sometimes I get calls, but this week has been super slow as well as I was able to substitute one air filter all week. I do not think where I want to be but here is not the locale. I want to go on a getaway, I want to pet dolphins, I want a lot of things although I can’t start anything until Tuesday. Let’s be fair I shall easily lounge around all weekend and come back to work Wednesday restarting this insanity.


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