I didn’t think my headaches could be from terrible ventilation.

I never thought my headaches plus migraines could be from terrible ventilation.

I thought I had a lot of stress because of my job, plus I was sad about everything.

My job wasn’t going well. My relationship with my boyfriend wasn’t working out, plus I thought he was trying to pull away from me. I thought those were the reasons I was getting my headaches. My family was the only thing that wasn’t falling apart, plus when I was with them, my headaches subsided. My mom asked if I needed glasses, plus took me to the eye medical professional. The eye medical professional told me he didn’t think my headaches plus migraines were from stress or worry. He thought my headaches were from pollen irritations. He asked if we had nice ventilation in our house. He told me he could see the redness that comes from allergy eyeah plus he gave me a sample of allergy eyedrops. He then told me I needed to have my ductwork cleaned plus get an whole-house air purifier. I thought he was crazy, however I took the eyedrops cabin plus tried to use them; A week later, I called the Heating plus A/C business plus asked them to wipe the ductwork. While they were there, I was asking about a whole-cabin whole-house air purifier. The eyedrops were working so well that I figured the eye medical professional wasn’t as silly as I thought, plus he may be right about the ductwork plus the whole-house air purifier. That was six weeks ago, plus so far, I had only one headache, which was my fault. I knew I had one too many margaritas while out with my boyfriend.


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