The Heating plus A/C tech said we needed our ductwork cleaned.

I knew there was a problem with the way my furnace was working, but there didn’t seem to be enough airflow to get the heat through the pipes, but my furnace was running for longer periods, plus the heat was diminished.

My partner didn’t know what was wrong, plus we had to call the Heating plus A/C business, but when the Heating plus A/C professional arrived, he went to work on the heater, and it took him less than ten minutes to decide the furnace was okay, except it had a lot of dust plus dirt in the air filter. He asked how long it had been since the air filter had been changed. My partner had it written on the calendar every time he changed the air filter, plus it was only three weeks earlier. The Heating plus A/C professional opened a small panel in the ductwork, plus told us he wanted to call the Heating plus A/C business. He was thinking we needed our ductwork cleaned. He didn’t want to startle the dirt too much, plus said he was going to have the professional ductwork cleaning team come to the house plus wipe it out. Three nights later, there were three men at the house. They all wore white outfits plus had booties on their feet to keep the house clean. They pulled their hose into the basement, plus it was like a immense vacuum cleaner running. They cleaned, sanitized, plus repaired a few small holes plus cracks. It had been years since my house smelled so good. With the lack of dust over the next couple of months, I knew we were going to put ductwork cleaning on our list of regular chores to do.