There were three different cooling system units to service

I am trying to type with our fat pets both snuggled under my arms, although I am finding it tough to do so because I can barely reach the keyboard with our hands.

I’m enjoying seeing the Bitcoin prices going crazy right now, climbing to a level it hasn’t seen in almost a year.

Maybe it is finally going to begin hitting a bull run after all, but that isn’t going to help me much as I put all of our currency into this amazing stock that has just been dropping ever since. I have given up trading, focusing on central Heating and Air Conditioning equipment repair for this new contractor in the village as well as putting our currency in the bank instead. If this EV supplier does not survive then my pal and I will abandon investments totally as well as just plop our currency in the bank as our mom told me to do from the start. I thought I could turn our dad’s Heating and Air Conditioning technology investment into many times the amount, although I ended up losing it all with our poor day trades as well as whatnot. It isn’t fun losing your dad’s currency that he worked so diligently to make with his local business, although I am just letting it rest with this electric car supplier as well as just hope for the best. It could blow up in a couple of months as well as I may be back to where I was before losing all of it. For now, it is going to be air duct cleaning for the cooling supplier as well as maybe some AC and heat pump sales for our other buddy in the business. Let’s see what fate brings me.

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