The HVAC professional said my associate and I needed insulation.

It was so cold in our home this winter that my associate and I were sure my associate and I needed a current oil furnace; no matter how high my associate and I set the control unit, it consistently felt cold in the house.

My friend and I called the HVAC company as well as asked them to do an inspection of the oil furnace.

When the HVAC professional arrived, she looked at the oil furnace, and then started pointing a heat loss detector at the windows as well as doors! The HVAC professional told us my associate and I needed insulation. There was nothing she could do about the heat loss because it wasn’t a problem with the HVAC system. The HVAC professional finally showed us where the worst of the heat loss was occurring as well as told us where to buy the insulation kits, over the years, the insulation in the home had disintegrated; however, all the heat was going through the flooring as well as getting stuck in the attic, where it eventually went out through the roof. There was a lot of heat loss because of the cold air coming in through the windows as well as the doors. With some easy window insulation kits as well as door insulation kits, my associate and I could solve some of our problems. My friend and I had to find a way to keep the heat from going into the attic. The easiest thing was to put ceiling fans up as well as keep the air circulating. They would pull the cool off the floor as well as push the warm air down. It wasn’t the perfect solution, but the oil furnace wasn’t running as well as the home was much warmer. Through the summer, we’ll call a contractor as well as see if there are better ways to solve our heating concerns.

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