Both brothers were HVAC technicians.

I was talking to my best friend last week, and she asked me if I would go on a blind date with her. Her boyfriend’s brother was going to be in town, and her boyfriend didn’t want to leave him sitting home alone. As much as I hated to go on blind dates, I had known Katie for my entire life. We met in kindergarten, and we were now in college, and our friendship never wavered. Katie said they would pick me up as soon as they picked up Mike. I was hesitant about meeting Mike if he was anything like Katie’s boyfriend. He thought a lot about himself, and let everyone know he thought he was the greatest HVAC technician in the country. If I got another blowhard like him, I knew I would not make it into the movie, besides making it to the end of the movie. When Mike got into the car, he looked a lot like Cal, but he was quieter. Cal kept telling him to open his mouth and say something, but he just rolled his eyes. While Katie and Cal got the tickets to the movie, we hung back. I asked MIke if he was always quiet. He said he talked a lot when the two of them were in HVAC school. Since then, Cal talked like he was the best HVAC technician and best looking guy in the world. He said they were twins, so they shared the looks, and he was also an HVAC technician. I asked if he was better, and he laughed. He said I would need to ask the HVAC company owner.


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