Should have repaired the roof when he had the moment

When my husband and I rented the rental home it was going to shambles, then my buddy and I got a good deal on a single family home in the city. It was right near all the shops, bars and steakhouses. I could ride my bike to either of my sibling’s homes. It was so convenient. It sucked having one lavatory however my pal and I each had our own roof. It had wood floors and a nice living room, then there were things that needed repairs that the landlord just wouldn’t do, but due to this, his rental isn’t going to last long. My husband and I complained about the A/C time and time again. The landlord said no to a new cooling system. Well because the cooling system doesn’t work great, there was a lot of moisture in the home. Mold and mildew was a constant problem. Their drywall is squishy in some arenas. The worst is that the guy ignored the roof repair while my pal and I were there. Water would come in many arenas when it rained. Our part gets rain all the time too. I would put buckets down to save the floor however the ceiling was a wreck. It was spongy and falling in arenas. I know the guy who rented after us, but no way did he put buckets down to save the wood floor! So because the landlord won’t hire roofers, he is going to need a new ceiling and floors quite soon, and you have to invest to save your property, then a roof repair would have been a cheap replace. Now he will need a brand new roof.


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