The roofing supplier billed our insurance business

There have been a number of unusual storms in the region this year and my friend and I have had an unproper amount of rain, however during one of those storms, the roof on the shed was completely demolished by a tree, and the wind must have picked up the tree and deposited it on top of the roof… It hit the top of the home with a lot of force.

My associate and I were easily thankful that the beams held up and took most of the force from the falling tree. I did not know what to do when the tree fell on the house. My associate and I immediately had to move to a locale in the middle of the home where our family was safe. My associate and I localed some tarps against the home so my friend and I could shield ourselves from the rain… When the rain finally stopped 2 afternoons later, my friend and I had to contact a roofing supplier to get an estimate on all of the disfigurements. The roofing supplier told me that he could bill the insurance business. The homeowners insurance covered all of the disfigurements because the tree fell during a storm, but not many of weeks later, the roofing supplier came back to the home with a team of experts. They made sure that the roof was put back together even better than it was in the past. I got brand modern brick on the top of the home because the outdated color was no longer available. The roof has a 20-year warranty, so it should last the rest of the time that my family and I live in the locale.


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