I went to a concert last month

Last weekend, I went to a concert and the tunes was amazing.

  • I wish that I could say the same about the indoor air conditions inside of the concert venue, though.

The inside air quality in the venue was certainly poor and I wasn’t sure at one point if I was even going to make it through the whole concert. At one point, I started thinking about leaving early, which I have never done at a concert before in my entire life! I love live tunes and I always suppose that it’s rude to leave a concert before the curtain call. However, some people do that and at this concert I didn’t truly blame the ones who did. I suppose that most of the concern was because the temperature outside was so hot. The people who were in charge of the temperature settings in the concert venue absolutely just didn’t have any plan about how tepid it was truly going to be inside with all of the added body heat of all of the people who showed up to the concert, then on top of all of that, the heat that afternoon was almost unbearable. The temperature was in the triple digits and I just don’t suppose that any style of a/c method could have possibly kept up with the heat.it was truly no wonder that it was so tepid inside of the building,, but they should have done something about it. It’s a small miracle that no one inside of the building passed out from the heat inside!

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