My speed is slowed down by ductless heat pumps

When it comes to spending time outside this summer, I’m a little compromising

It’s pretty much a given. All of us who are fortunate enough to live into our 70s must learn to deal with the effects of aging. I can’t say that I’m immune to that. Thankfully, however, I started to take better care of my body once I turned about 40. In fact, before I retired at age 66, I spent at least half of the day standing in the zone-controlled HVAC of my office. I learned how to balance stress with other interests, adequate sleep, healthy eating, and exercise. I, therefore, had plenty of energy left when I retired to indulge my love of outdoor recreation. Because I adore the outdoors so much, I kind of wish I had chosen a profession that didn’t require me to spend my days inside commercial HVAC. So, after I put it up, we moved south, sold the family home, and upgraded the HVAC system. I was then released in such a way that I spent almost all of my time outside. You must, of course, find some form of cooling comfort during the hottest times of the day where we live. Even so, it only persists for about four to five months. I was outside doing something else for the remainder of the time. But now that I’m 79, I’ve noticed that I’m slowing down a lot more. My desire to spend time outside hasn’t lessened despite that. When it comes to spending time outside this summer, I’m a little compromising. A ductless heat pump was installed in the sunroom by the HVAC company since I’m now slowing down. Thus, I’ll be able to feel like I’m outside all the time while still having access to the air conditioning during the sweltering summers.

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