Opted for calmer winter and a heat pump

Before we finally decided to move to the south, it really was a question of time.

More than 20 years ago, my wife and I launched our business.

We grew up in a part of the north where a boiler or gas furnace ran continuously for more than five months out of every winter. We were nonetheless completely focused on growing our business because it was all we knew. When we finally sold the business for an incredible sum of money, we succeeded in our goal. a level of income that indicated we could retire at 45. Since we didn’t have kids and our work had been our shared passion, we were initially at a loss after selling the company. In order to get the best price, we upgraded the heating and cooling system because we were certain that we needed more space. However, because of how quickly the house sold, we weren’t really sure what to do next. Forgoing the winter and the gas furnace in favor of the sun and a heat pump was something we had always yearned to do. Therefore, we determined that we would simply do that. We said goodbye to the only place we knew after packing up and reducing the number of things we brought with us. We initially rented a really nice house that allowed us to look into more long-term options. However, this home had the most up-to-date residential HVAC and every HVAC innovation that makes living in the south comfortable. The summers down here are no joke, so we were happy to enjoy our first one with the best air conditioning possible.



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