Replacing the HVAC system at the in-laws'

My parents passed away at a young age.

Within two years of one another, both of them passed away.

And a disease that was at least mercifully quick claimed both of them. My wife’s parents, on the other hand, adored her, and I’m glad she got to know them. With her parents, it’s different. They were as icy toward me when I first met them as a thermostat set to the sixties. And over the years, not much has really changed. They simply didn’t want me to raise their daughter. We ended up relocating here after getting married, and I was from the South. Their daughter was further away as a result. I wasn’t wealthy and belonged to the wrong political party, too. However, we had a nice three-bedroom house with central air conditioning, so we could live comfortably. I installed a ductless heat pump in the bedroom that I use as my office. But as time passed, it became increasingly obvious that the in-laws wanted to relocate so they could be near us. I contributed by locating them precisely where they needed to be. It was a nice condo on a golf course, and all the HVAC system needed was to be replaced. Before they moved in, I had the HVAC company replace the residential HVAC after they purchased it. The ductwork, however, needed to be replaced because it was in poor condition. The ductless heat pump in my office came to mind at that time. Finally, a ductless multi split system was chosen by the HVAC specialists. The ductless heat pumps have really pleased my in-laws, which is hard to believe.

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