Transformation appreciation to air purification

It’s so nice to be deeply in love with my home once again.

The moment we first saw that house, both my wife and I fell head over heels in love with it.

We found this place after months of looking to become homeowners. And I really mean that. Even though my wife was expecting, we still left the air conditioning in the evening to go for a walk. She needed flatter ground to walk on as she grew more pregnant. Eventually, because our apartment was in a hilly area of town, I started looking for places we could drive to. I almost fell over the for sale sign on this house as we were walking outside of our apartment, which had less than stellar central air conditioning. We might have passed it by if I hadn’t stopped to look at it because it was a little run down. We called the realtor, though, and she invited us inside. When they met, they fell in love. The honeymoon, however, was brief because of the stale air inside the house, which got worse when the heat pump turned on. Soon the smell inside our house made both of us very uncomfortable. After the baby was born, we had to address the smells because the crib was a new source of odors. The HVAC company employed the kind of technicians who would save us like they were marriage counselors. They transformed our house with air purification, making us fall head over heels in love with it all over again. With only clean air and crisp scents, the whole-house air purification system now creates the best indoor air quality.


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