Make certain the HVAC contractor is first rate

One of the more difficult things I’ve done in my life was taking on a custom home build project. Simply put, I’m very happy that I postponed that endeavor until after I retired. I had no chance of managing all the details of a custom home build while working all day in the office’s industrial HVAC system. Talk about having a fuzzy focus. I wouldn’t have been able to do my new house or my job justice. I’m therefore grateful that I turned off the office’s zone-controlled HVAC system before I built this house. I’m also happy that I had the opportunity to really influence who was constructing my home. My wife and I were happy to work with a general contractor who solicited our input and required us to review potential subcontractors. Most of the time, we chose his recommended contractors, such as plumbers and electricians. But we wanted to choose our own HVAC contractor for the heating and cooling of our new house. We both placed a high value on having the best heating and air in our new home. For a very long time in our previous home, we had to put up with somewhat subpar residential HVAC. This time, the heating and cooling of our brand-new, custom-designed home took top priority. And it took us a few months before we located the exact HVAC contractor we needed. The wait and the effort were worthwhile. This HVAC specialist had a genuine passion for heating and cooling. We now enjoy the kind of high-quality heating and air that we could previously only have imagined.

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