There were people working on the commercial HVAC units

Yesterday when I went outside, I saw that there were a half a dozen guys in HVAC company uniforms up on the roof of my building.

I don’t know what they were doing out there.

Granted, though, there are often lots of people up on the roof that I don’t even know about. I guess I am pretty oblivious whenever it comes to the building where I live. Since we live in an apartment complex with six other large buildings, there are a whole lot of commercial HVAC units up there on the roof. I know that they were up there working on something, but since the heating system seemed to be working fine in my building, I couldn’t imagine what it was that they were doing up there. There were a lot of them up there, though. There was also a big HVAC company truck parked out in the parking lot of the building. When I walked over to the building with the leasing office inside of it, I happened to run into the building manager so I asked her what was going on. She said that one of the heating units for the building had broken down and they were trying to get it repaired before the snowstorm that was supposed to happen last night. I guess that’s why all of the HVAC technicians were up there. They were trying to get ahead of the storm. I guess they just wanted to make sure that everyone in the building had a working furnace system before the storm hit.

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