Protecting the air quality in my reading room

I like having a reading room in my home.

A quiet place of reflection, where electronic devices are not allowed, where I can relax, read, or meditate.

Some months ago I moved to the pacific northwest for an exciting job opportunity. I converted a spare bedroom into my reading room. It was lovely, with a picture window overlooking the ocean and the beach. It didn’t take long for me to realize that many of my beloved books were starting to develop mildew! Although the temperature control was excellent, I lacked the humidity control I needed, so I immediately bought a dehumidifier. In this part of the country the temperature is very moderate and pleasant for most of the year, so my new home doesn’t even have an air conditioner. In my old home I kept the A/C running most of the year, but here I can open the windows and let in a breeze when it gets stuffy. I was not aware that the air conditioner also circulates the air in the home, running it through filters and removing excess humidity. Since there was no A/C and no air circulation, those moisture levels were getting too high and damaging my books. This presented a bigger problem, because I knew over time that excess humidity would foster the growth of mold and mildew on the walls of the house itself. With that in mind I bought two more dehumidifiers and placed them strategically throughout the house. With the dehumidifiers in place, my house is even more comfortable than before.


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