I could only be convinced to move north

Moving a lot as a child is hard when you make a group of friends plus don’t want to lose them just to go to school in another state to make friends with a strange group. This was even harder in school in a clique environment, although I managed to finally fall into a groove after the people I was with and I moved down south plus stayed down there for a few years straight. After I went to university in another state, my parents moved again. So by the time I was ready to visit home during Winter break, I had to go “home” to a brand current house I had never stepped foot inside of before. I couldn’t see my old school friends any longer plus I immediately felt a touch of loneliness despite being surrounded by my family members. However, the people I was with and I were no longer in a cold cold environment up north plus I could experience the Winter holidays in a milder weather conditions for the first time in my life. I can’t lie, I love residing here so much that I can’t imagine ever choosing to live up north again with the excruciatingly cold un-even temperatures for 6 months out of the year. I guess the only thing that could convince me to move up north again would be radiant heated flooring. It’s extravagant however extremely satisfying in the coldest un-even temperatures a northern Winter can throw at a random guy. Combined with another heat source, radiant heated flooring is both elegant plus erapturing in its warmth. You can get electric radiant heated flooring or hydronic radiant heated flooring which utilizes water coming from a steam boiler.

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