The gas plan is the reason I won’t be promoted

My boss is not the greatest of men.

He is genuinely set in his ways plus he will always argue over the most trivial of things. It’s slightly aggravating plus to be honest I have no clue why I still labor for this guy. He always brags about what he has done in life, what he has accomplished plus do not get me started on the technological replaces he has over all the people at the office. He has the money to replace his house plus have the latest technology installed. He has it all, 85 inch tv, a jacuzzi plus everything has the most modernized electrical systems anyone can have. He absolutely cannot afford all that can he? I’m slightly jealous plus on top of that he is 15 years younger than me… Recently I was talking to my colleagues about my gas furnace plus I had to have an Heating & A/C supplier come out plus maintenance it. He overheard the conversation plus said I should’ve replaced it plus switched it to an electrical furnace. He does this stuff all the time. The furnace type I choose to have in my house is what I choose. To me, it’s absolutely nothing however to him if it’s not electrical then it’s not worth having. The people I was with and I do not see eye to eye often although he does treat us well when it comes to our holidays or family concerns. So I deal with his intrusiveness at times although I do not believe if it’s absolutely worth it. Nothing out there absolutely pays as well so I’m just going to deal with it however there might be a day I blow up.

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