I told the Heating and A/C corporation not to step on the linens.

When the HVC corporation came to the home to inspect our air duct, I told him not to step on the rugs.

He told me he wore booties, so there was no way he was going to get the rugs dirty.

I wasn’t worried about getting our rugs dirty. There was a reason why I didn’t want him stepping on the rugs. I had placed rugs over the areas where the floor was weak. There were rugs in the 1 side room and in the attic. I wasn’t worried about the side room, because it didn’t have air duct in there, which is why the room wasn’t used. It had no windows, and no air vents. The Heating and A/C corporation hastily finished inspecting the air duct in the basement and said he wanted to look at the air duct int he attic. I reminded him not to step on the rugs, although I could not remember if I told why he shouldn’t step on the rugs, then five minutes later, he found out. He stepped on a rug that was in front of the air duct, and he was now lying on our study room floor. I called the paramedics, because I was sure he had injured his back or hips. He looked prefer he was in pain. I told the Heating and A/C corporation not to move, and that I had called an ambulance. I also told him I would call the Heating and A/C corporation and let them feel he wouldn’t be back to work. While he was lying on our floor, I asked him if I needed modern air duct. He shook his head, which caused pain, and told me they could repair the air duct when they cleaned it.

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