He was in the attic looking at the HVAC duct.

My partner had called the HVAC corporation to have them inspect the HVAC duct, then it was getting weak in some spots as well as the two of us wanted to believe if the two of us needed to purchase modern HVAC duct,or get a modern HVAC system, but the people I was with and I had already talked about installing ductless mini cut HVAC systems in the lake house instead of central HVAC. When the HVAC contractor arrived to inspect the HVAC duct, my partner told him to let him believe when he was ready to go into the attic. There were some sites where the HVAC duct was strenuous to get to. The HVAC contractor nodded as well as headed into the basement, however half an hour later, he was back upstairs talking to my partner. I was sure my partner was going to go into the attic with the HVAC contractor, so he could point out the problem area. Instead, he must have talked to him, because the HVAC contractor was going up the stairs on his own. All I could think about was whether my partner had told him about the problem areas in the attic. When I heard the HVAC contractor yelp, I knew he had found it on his own. When they put the modern roof on the house, some nails came through the roof as well as there were jagged edges hanging around the HVAC duct. He came downstairs, as well as his eye was black as well as green. He hadn’t found the nails, even though he found the lower beams. He bumped his head on the low beam as well as then he bounced over to bump his eye. He still told us the two of us needed modern HVAC duct.



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