Two years ago we bought a house with a great HVAC system

About two years ago, we bought a house halfway across the country without even seeing it first. We were the first people that I have ever heard of who have done something like that. At first, I really thought that I was crazy for even thinking about doing that. I mean, most people look at a house half a dozen times or more before they make the decision to purchase it. That wasn’t something that we really had the opportunity to do during our move, though. We needed to get moved to the other side of the country as fast as possible because my husband was getting ready to start a new job. We didn’t want to have to move all of our stuff more than once, though, and so we weren’t really interested in getting a rental or anything like that. With the help of a realtor that specializes in this kind of thing, we were able to find a home that was just perfect for us. We knew that we wanted a place with a high efficiency heating and cooling system already installed. We also decided that we would really prefer to have something called radiant heated flooring installed in the house. We had radiant heated flooring in our vacation home once and we loved it so much that we decided that we wanted it in our own house too. The realtor was really helpful and she was able to find a house for us with radiant heated flooring, a high efficiency air conditioning system, and even a swimming pool.

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