Heating and A/C will improve respiratory health

It’s not too long now before the house is all sealed up again and the a/c is running non-stop.

  • Where Sam and I live, the only time it’s OK to have the windows open is while in the winter.

The rest of the time, there is the continuous need for running the a/c. So Sam and I really love to get all the fresh air inside the home while my pal and I can. It’s late December now so it won’t be but a couple of weeks before the heater will be back on to give cooling comfort. And that means having the home sealed up super slim in order to maximize the efficiency of the central heater, but however, when the home is sealed up tight, the Heating and A/C components are truly helping protect and strengthen our respiratory health. That’s because Sam and I have a whole beach home air purification system installed inside the Heating and A/C equipment. This brand of media air purification system truly destroys indoor air contaminants rather than trapping and removing them. This media air purification system uses UVt light to truly fry the DNA of all airborne contaminants. Gladly, that means destroying pollen from the trees and grasses. This is a certainly fantastic benefit for me as I suffer from seasonal pollen irritations. Along with pet dander, the pollen will render me almost useless while in the Springtime. So having the whole beach home air purification system is such a bonus for me. But air purification also provides the truly best indoor air quality 1 can find. And so I guess that I’m providing the nicest environment possible for Sam while they are inside the central a/c of our home.


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