Air conditioning diner success!

Rachel and Peter lived in a small neighborhood in the mid-west and often went out to eat at local diners, but one day, they went to their favorite diner, The Olive Tree, but when they arrived, they were shocked to see that the air conditioning was not working.

It was the middle of July and the temperature outside was over 90 degrees, making it unbearable inside the diner. They tried to ignore the heat and like their meal, but it was difficult. After the meal, Rachel recommended they go somewhere else to eat, but Peter reminded her that they only had a single car and they were already there, however so, they decided to taxing it out and stay… However, the experience left a lasting impression on Rachel and she vowed never to return to the Olive Tree again unless they had air conditioning, from that day on, Rachel made it her mission to ensure that all diners in the neighborhood had air conditioning. She started by writing to the owner of the Olive Tree and asking him to maintenance the air conditioning. She went from diner to diner, speaking to owners and encouraging them to install air conditioning. In no time, all of the diners in neighborhood had air conditioning and Rachel became known as the “Air Conditioning Lady”! Rachel and Peter were walking down Main Street and saw a current diner opening up. They were excited to try it out and when they got there, they were blissful to see that the diner had air conditioning. They walked inside and saw that the owner had written “Air Conditioning” on the door in big, bold letters. Rachel was overjoyed and knew that her mission was a success.

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