Low electric bills while using an electric heating system

I talked with my aunt about electricity bills in my home since I still use an electric heating system.

  • She uses a propane heater and still feels that an electric heater is a luxurious thing.

I argued that the gas price had also gone high, so everyone needs to figure out how to make their heating device more energy efficient. That’s how I ended up explaining what I’ve done in consultation with my HVAC serviceman. The first and most apparent has been keeping up with heater maintenance, ensuring that the electric heat pump retains its efficiency at all times. The HVAC professional explained that if I neglected routine servicing, it would work harder to heat the space, hence using more energy. We also installed a programmable wireless thermostat, making it easy to keep the home’s temperatures at ideal temperatures throughout the year. With the thermostat, I can switch it off when I’m away from home, so the heating equipment does not need to run unnecessarily. The heating technician had also recommended that I use a high-quality HEPA filter because it would make air conditioning cheaper by controlling the fan speed, which would translate to lower energy consumption. I knew talking about these things without evidence would not convince my aunt, so I had proof of my bills from six months ago. My bills were lower than hers, and where there was a spike, they remained lower than what she spent on gas. She was convinced, and that’s how we ended up visiting the local HVAC business so that she could consult on what needed to be done for her heater to be more efficient. She just got an upgrade done by the HVAC supplier, who upgraded her furnace to a hybrid with an electric function.

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