I couldn't type because the office was too cold.

Even though our furnace was running full blast, it still wasn’t getting warm in the house.

My husband had a porch full of wood, and we were using the fireplace to offset the furnace.

There was nothing wrong with the furnace, but it was too cold outside. We had two weeks of sub-zero temperatures, and our furnace couldn’t keep up. Because of how cold it was in the house, I wasn’t getting any work done. I work in my office six hours a day, and my fingers were getting so cold that they weren’t moving right. I was making more typographical errors than anything else. I told my husband we needed to do something and get a new furnace. We knew our furnace was getting old, but we couldn’t afford to replace it. We talked about getting a loan, but we weren’t in a good position to take out a loan. About three in the morning, I heard a groan and then the house got silent. I woke my husband up and told him the furnace died. He asked how I knew, and I told him to listen. For the first time in a week, the furnace wasn’t working, and it was too quiet in the house. He got up and called the HVAC company. He told them it wasn’t an emergency, but he hoped they could get to the house in the morning. We slept on the living room floor in front of the fireplace, and enjoyed the quiet heat that was coming from the fireplace. I couldn’t sleep because it was too quiet.

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