You can't fully utilize an office space without heating system in the winter

I have an in-lake apartment office, but in the winter, it can’t be used… It is so chilly in the winter, that our in-lake apartment office becomes off-limits to everyone until I get heat in there.

  • I wanted to get a small heating and A/C system; however, I didn’t know what would work best, but then my friend told me I could get a small ductless heating and A/C system… But the room was too small for that style of heating and A/C.

I was talking to our fiance about the problem with the office, and he told me my fantastic friend and I now had many spare living rooms since everyone was moved out! He then wanted to move our living room into the living room that was at the front of the house, but our granddaughter stayed over quite often, so her living room stayed empty. The room my fantastic friend and I were moving out of actually had many windows that got sunshine exposure all afternoon long… Not only did it have really fantastic ventilation, but there was temperature control in the room and heating whenever I needed it. He also set the temperature control at sixty-six, and I was surprised how boiling it was. I started thinking about where I wanted to put our computer, the book case, and our filing lodge. He said that if my fantastic friend and I put much more in the room, my fantastic friend and I would not need to have the temperature control turned up. It would be boiling in the room with all the stuff piled around me. I gave him a dirty look, and started moving things in. Half an hour later, he walked into the room and turned the temperature control down. He actually asked me if I wanted to wait until my fantastic friend and I moved our bed out, before actually turning it into an office.

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