Would ductless HVAC have survived our negative temperatures?

I called the HvAC company last week because a question I wanted to ask.

We knew we needed new air conditioning before summer, and our furnace was older than the AC unit.

My husband and I had been talking about having mini split ductless HVAC installed because it was less work, and more efficient. Before making the final decision about ductless HVAC system, I wanted to know if it would have survived the negative temperatures we had. I asked the person who answered the phone, if I could talk to someone who had experience with mini split ductless HVAC? She asked me to hold a moment while she got the owner of the HVAC company on the phone. When he answered, he told me had mini split ductless HVAC in his house and wanted to know what my question was. I asked if they had any problems during those few weeks were we were experiencing near zero temperatures. He said that he had a fireplace in his house. They had the fireplace running when it was that cold, but the ductless HVAC was holding its own. He asked if I needed alternative heating those two weeks, or if our furnace was working well? My husband had said he was glad we had the fireplace, because no matter how good the furnace was, it would have still been chilly in the house. He said he had no problem with the heating even when it was in the low teens, but the fireplace always gave more comfort when you were dealing with bone chilling temps.

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