Two days with the fireplace.

I spent two days sitting in front of the fireplace wrapped in a blanket because our furnace couldn’t keep the house warm.

  • It was only negative two in the middle of the day, and I swore we had nearly as much wind in the house as we had outside.

My husband said it was the wind coming down the fireplace chimney and had nothing to do with lack of insulation. He had the insulation checked before window, and it was fine. I had to be grateful that we had a fireplace to back up the heat of the furnace, but even that was having a difficult time putting out heat. I turned on the television and started watching a movie when my husband came in and picked up my feet. He put the blanket up around his neck and said he was cold. After shaking my head, I told him he could have gotten his own blanket, but he said mine would do. We started talking about all the times we sat in front of the fireplace drinking wine. He had specials woods to put in the fireplace to make the room smell nice, and it was some really nice memories. When the weather broke, and the furnace could keep up with the cold and wind, he was going to put the fireplace out. I asked why he was in such a hurry. It would soon be Valentine’s Day and we could make more memories in front of the fireplace. I wanted to tell him he was going to be a father on Valentine’s Day, and the fireplace would make for a very cozy place to break the news to him.

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