There were space heaters near the benches.

I was watching the football game last week, and cheering the home team on.

I couldn’t believe my favorite team was going to the Super Bowl again.

I was shivering in the stands, even though I was dressed in layers. When I looked down at the players, many of them had bare arms and legs. It was snowing and frigid, and I wondered how they could have bare skin and still be walking around like it was a spring day. I noticed that when some of the guys went off the field, they put coats on, but that’s when I also saw the space heaters. It was my first time watching a game from the stands, and I was seeing more than I had ever seen on TV. I was talking to my pal who was at the game with me, and I asked if he had seen the space heaters. He rolled his eyes and simply said, no duh. He couldn’t believe I thought they would sit on the benches and get stiff from the cold. He said the players needed the space heaters or they would be too cold to play properly. Their fingers would get stiff, their joints would get stiff, and even their eyes could freeze. I thought he was full of it, but I didn’t question the reasons for the space heaters. I was glad they had them off field. I should have noticed space heaters when watching the game on television. Now that I think about it, there was little snow near where the players sat.


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