I wasn’t going anywhere near the AC unit.

My brother was telling me he was getting slammed with requests for air conditioning services.

As warm as the winter had been, people were preparing for an early summer, and a brutally hot summer.

Having the air conditioning unit serviced early, almost guaranteed they would good air conditioning all summer, unless there was something found during the service. I liked the idea of getting my air conditioning unit serviced early, but my HVAC company told me it would take about two weeks. It was going to be nice over the weekend, and I was going to do servicing on my own. My brother told me I should stay away from it. As soon as he had a free day, he would come to the house and do the servicing for me. I knew he was an HVAC technician and busy getting all his paying customers taken care of. I didn’t want to throw more at him on his only day off. He made me promist that I wasn’t going anywhere near the AC unit until he got there. I promised, but that didn’t mean I was going to hold myself to the promise. I had my fingers crossed. The next day, I had the tools out they mentioned on the HVAC website, and I was getting ready to take the cover off the AC unit. I heard the sound of a car pulling into my driveway. There stood my brother, and he wasn’t happy. His wife was with him, and he told me he had somebody with him who wanted to go shopping.



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