I prayed they wouldn't tell me I needed a new furnace.

I wasn’t happy with the weather forecast

Last week, my furnace was running hard and it ran for quite some time. This week, I had to call the HVAC company because it quit working. I couldn’t believe that the furnace broke when the winds were gusting at 60 MPH and the temperature was -6 degrees without a windchill. With the windchill, the weather man said it was -30 degrees in some areas, and ours was one of them. There was no way we could survive four days of these brutal temperatures if we didn’t have the furnace to keep us warm. My husband wasn’t worried about pipes freezing because they were wrapped in heat tape, and buried underground, but I was worried about me freezing. I was also praying they wouldn’t tell me I needed a new furnace when the HVAC technician finally arrived. It took them two hours to arrive, and my kids and I were dressed like we were in the Arctic. We were huddled under blankets with an electric heater I found in the attic. No sooner did the HVAC show up and fix the furnace, but the power went out. The day was getting worse, and so was the cold. It was supposed to be -22 degrees that night, but at least the wind was supposed to die down a little. I wasn’t happy with the weather forecast. Our space heater was electric, and my husband told me to pack a bag. We were going to a luxury family resort for the next two days, and pamper ourselves with a lot of heat.
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