My toilet froze, and I bought a space heater.

I walked into my bathroom last week, and I couldn’t believe what I saw.

The water in my toilet was frozen solid.

I was afraid to use the toilet, because I thought it could end up breaking. I checked the bathroom that was in the kids room, and it wasn’t frozen, so I chose to use that one. Luckily I could also use the shower. I saw there was ice in the bottom of the shower stall, and I was afraid to us it too. The kids were already ready for school, and I knew I wouldn’t be making it to work. I pulled out a space heater I had in the basement, and put it in my bathroom. I then called the HVAC company and a plumber. I had a small HVAC system in my bathroom, and it must have died sometime in the middle of the night. When the HVAC company called back I told them about the HVAC system in the bathroom, and how I had ice in the shower, and toilet bowl was frozen solid. They were sending an HVAC technician to the house, to look at the bathroom HVAC system, but I had to get a plumber in case some of the pipes were also frozen. I spent four hours talking to HVAC technicians and plumbers, but I finally had my toilet thawed, and the pipes were wrapped with heat tape. They told me I should be fine, but I needed to get some insulation in the outside wall of the bathroom. I was lucky the pipes hadn’t frozen long before this time.
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