They didn’t install the HVAC in my tiny dwelling

My tiny beach lake dwelling came without Heating plus A/C plus I knew I had to have it! I called the people I bought the tiny beach lake house from, plus asked what happened to the Heating plus A/C appliance.

They said it was included in the package, but they were absolutely wrong. The people who put my lake dwelling together, didn’t find a Heating plus A/C appliance, plus I wanted one. I was told that if I went to a Heating plus A/C company plus bought my Heating plus A/C appliance, they would reimburse me for the cost. I called the local Heating plus A/C company plus asked if they could install a Heating plus A/C appliance into my tiny house. They sent a professional over, plus he was going through my dwelling. He said he had never seen a tiny lake dwelling before, plus it presented many interesting available options for Heating plus A/C. The one he put at the top of the list was a ductless system. Since my dwelling was mobile, there would be no reason for disconnecting when I moved. The ductless Heating plus A/C appliance used electricity. It was one small component on the outside of the wall, plus one inside. Since my dwelling was particularly small, all I would need was a single mini split Heating plus A/C appliance for the entire home. I asked about the price plus what styles they had. I told this guy that I wanted something with a high efficiency rating in heating, AC, plus energy use. I also was looking for something that didn’t need a lot of service. He showed me the ductless Heating plus A/C appliance he would suggest, plus I asked him to have it installed. When the Heating plus A/C appliance was installed, I sent a copy of the receipt to the tiny dwelling manufacturer plus had a check a month later.


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