We had to find the money for a new cooling system

Losing my job put a dent on our income.

We went from a dual income household to a one income home, and that has been hard.

My partner is the best because he’s always said he will hold down the fort until I find something else to do. At one time thought about working at a fast food place just to bring in extra income, but he was adamant that wasn’t necessary. Still, I’ve been working since I was 15, and I’m so used to earning my keep. So being at home with nothing to do when the kids are at school was driving me insane. Plus, we had to find the money to install a new cooling system since our old one was on its last leg. We’d hired a heating and cooling specialist this past spring to come do an inspection and tune up. But, while she was doing the inspection, she said we need to get ready to purchase and install a new cooling system. Failure to do so might mean facing summer heat waves without any air conditioning in the house. Hearing that, and knowing our already strained budget had me scared. So, I told my partner I was going to start bartending in town. I’d not done bartending in a long time, since college, but I knew it like the back of my hand. He was hesitant, but he also agreed we had to find extra funds to purchase the new cooling system. I knew of this popular place that a friend owns and she was more than happy to let me work in her establishment. And in two months, we had the money to buy a new cooling system.

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