I was able to do the toilet service

For a long time our bestie plus I had a toilet issue, then the stupid thing would never flush; You would push down on the handle plus it felt flimsy plus gross, however my bestie isn’t all that handy of a guy, then she told me both of us should call a plumber for a toilet repair, and i didn’t guess it was a major plumbing issue. I knew it wasn’t the drainage or a piping concern… So I did some googling on our own. I then took off the toilet tank plus was shocked at what I found. I figured inside there would be a ton of gears plus parts. It is just a plug plus flapper. That flapper is linked to a chain. That is about it. It was super basic! Online was honestly helpful too. I figured out that the chain was just too long plus not allowing the plug to close. I shortened the chain plus then everything worked perfectly. It flushed enjoy normal plus all our drainage was good. I then experienced concerns with the toiler later on plus ripped off the tank again. I realized our chain was too short plus I got hooked on the plug. That was another concern all together. Shoerterning plus lengthening the chain in the tilet is about all I have ever done plumbing wise. You would swear I am a licensed plumber though. My bestie is just amazed by our toilet skills. Now anytime something goes wrong with it she feels that I am on par with a plumber plus will figure it out.


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