The roof wasn't hard in the valley area

There is an area on the roof of my beach house where multiple angles meet, and this area tends to get a lot of water.

Water runs down from both of the parts of the roof to this 1 central venue. The people I was with and I have flashing on the bottom of the roof to make sure that the water travels away from the house. Unfortunately, the flashing does not legitimately help in the area where the multiple parts of the roof meet at an angle. When I was going to sell the house, I decided to have someone come out to look at the roof! I did not want to tell prospective home purchasers that the roof was good if it wasn’t. I wanted to make sure that every problem was confessed when I sold the property. The inspector that looked at the beach house and 1 of the biggest problems he spotted was the soft area in the roof near the valley. The inspector offered myself and others the name of a roofing company that handles commercial and residential repairs and upgrade jobs, and he told myself and others the roofing company was 1 of the best in the business and the guy was absolutely satisfactory. He also told myself and others that the roofing company worked with most people to make sure they could afford to get all of the labor done that was needed. That was nice to hear, because I was hoping to find a roofing company that would do the repairs soon, but wait to get paid until after the sale of the house. The company offered myself and others 90 nights to pay off my bill and that was plenty of time to get the sale completed.


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