I need to get some roof repairs done

I’m going to have to get some roof repairs done on my house.

We had a big storm here a few weeks ago, and a lot of tree branches fell down onto our roof.

The roofing that is on our house is regular old shingles. We had it put on about five years ago, and it’s still looking pretty good. Well, at least it was looking pretty good until we had this big storm. I know that we should have probably gotten the tree branches close to the house cut off before now, but I just really love trees. I never want to cut trees, but my husband keeps telling me that we at least need to trim some of the branches away because they will end up ruining our roofing. I never really believed him until this last storm, though. I hate to admit it, but he was definitely right. Now we are going to have to call a roofing company to see what we can find out. I wonder if we are going to need to file an insurance claim for roofing to get the costs covered. I am hoping that it’s not gonna cost all that much, but I know that roofing is usually fairly expensive. At least we didn’t purchase roofing that is super expensive. We just went with regular old shingles. Don’t get me wrong, our roof looks pretty good, but we weren’t trying to make a statement with a fancy roof or anything like that when we had it installed. I guess I’ll call a roof service today.


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