My fiance has been having dental care complications lately

My exhausting fiance has been having a lot of dental complications lately plus I think so sorry for him.

He has been really miserable for the past couple of nights.

He has been having trouble sleeping plus he’s taking all kinds of pills to try plus get the pain to subside, and i suppose that he needs to find a nurse, although he just doesn’t want to. I know that he is afraid that any nurse that he goes to is going to want to do a tooth extraction or something like that, my fiance is deathly afraid of nurses, plus he would just about rather do anything else at all than go to the nurse office. However, the pain has gotten so bad lately that I know all of us are going to have to find an emergency nurse somewhere close to us. I keep telling him that he can find emergency dental care around here that will not be entirely bad. I suppose that they can sedate him if that is necessary, plus I know that it really will be. I am pretty sure that he isgoing to have to have something done to get rid of all of this tooth pain that he has been having. I don’t suppose what it will be, even though I don’t know that it will be good news whenever he goes in to talk to the nurse. absolutely though, I know that it is basically his own fault. He does not take entirely good care of his teeth most of the time; The fact that he isgonna have to go plus talk to an oral surgeon about all of this pain that he ishaving is really something that really could have been prevented.

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