He couldn't remove the AC unit cover.

I couldn’t understand what was taking the HVAc technician so long to do the service last week.

All he was supposed to be doing was inspecting the air conditioning unit, and checking to see if it needed repairs before spring starts.

We often had some pretty warm springs in our area, and I wanted to have the air conditioning unit serviced early. The HVAC technician was right on time when he arrived, and I wanted to give him enough time to work, but he had been outside for almost an hour now. If I hadn’t had a maintenance agreement, I would have thought he was trying to add time to his service ticket, and make extra money. The maintenance agreement meant I didn’t need to pay anything for the servicing of the AC unit. I walked outside to make sure he was okay, and he was just getting the AC cover off. He told me the screws were rusted, and he couldn’t believe it would take this long just to take the AC unit cover off. I laughed, because my husband had recently commented on how rusty the screws appeared, and I told him. He thought this was odd, because the screws were supposed to be stainless and wouldn’t rust. He worked another twenty minutes and told me he had changed the air filter, but everything looked good. He was going to go back to the office and get some new screws for the AC unit cover, but other than that, everything looked good. An hour later, he was back outside, putting the cover back on the AC unit, with brand new screws.

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