Life on the beach was easier with air conditioning.

I bought a beach house about three years ago. The beach house was supposed to be a gift for me, to celebrate my retirement. I was lucky to have a retirement age of 66. My son’s retirement age is 72. I was still young enough to enjoy myself, but old enough to know how to enjoy life and still be safe. My son told me I was lucky, but I wasn’t thinking I was lucky when the air conditioning died in the beach house. I had only lived there two years, and I was told the HVAC system was brand new. I rarely needed heating, so the furnace meant little to me, but the air conditioning was a necessity. Even where I lived and the wind was always blowing, the air could turn sultry. I woke up one morning and realized it was more sultry than normal. The air conditioning was no longer working, and the temperature had gone up to eighty-five inside. Outside was a bit more comfortable, but not much. I knew it was going to storm later that day. I called the HVAC company and asked if they could repair my air conditioning unit, but it was too late for repairs. I had no recourse but to purchase a new air conditioning unit. Since they couldn’t install a new AC unit for several days, I ran into town and purchased two window air conditioning units. I never thought I would need them, but here I was. I had to admit that the window air conditioning units did a wonderful job of cooling, but I missed my central AC unit.

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