The electrician charged me a reasonable fee for the work

My sister came to visit during the holidays and everyone got together at my house.

I had a house filled with people for days. I couldn’t get anything done as far as chores are concerned. When my sister and the kids finally left, I had about six loads of laundry to wash, dry, and fold. I had to go to the grocery store to stock up on eggs, bread, milk, and fabric softener. After my sister left, I noticed a problem with the lighting in the basement. The kids and my sister were staying in the basement but they did not recognize any issues while they were here. The basement lights were flickering a lot and I didn’t know why. Sometimes the lights were fine and other times they were turning on and off very quickly. I decided to contact a licensed residential electrician to check the wiring. I was afraid that we had a short somewhere. I didn’t want a fire in the house because I didn’t call someone when there was a warning. The electrician charged me a reasonable fee for the work. He checked each one of the outlets in the basement and he checked the box. The guy found two small wires that were loose and chewed. There was probably a field mouse in there at some point. The electrician didn’t think I had a problem that required an exterminator. I felt good about the service that I received from the licensed electrician and I kept his card just in case I have future problems in the house.

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